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what is a solar panel?

What are solar panels
A solar panel is a product that can generate electricity with the use of the light that comes from the sun. It is a set of solar modules called photovoltaic. The solar panel is electrically connected in a supporting structure while the photovoltaic solar module is an assembly connected in solar cells.
The single solar modules do have the capacity to produce only limited amount of power from the solar energy. Typically, a photovoltaic system composes of an array of solar modules, battery, solar tracker, interconnection wiring and an inverter.
Unlike the other sources of electricity nowadays, the power of solar energy is eco-friendly and safer to use since it only relies on the light that comes from the sun.
It has no connection to the other sources of electricity such as nuclear energy which makes it a more convenient and reliable device for the production of electricity.
The first model of the solar panel was actually designed for spacecrafts. But now, it is already available in the market for the benefit of those individuals who are interested to minimize their regular expenses on electric bills.The solar panels are indeed very effective tools to obtain and harness solar energy and transform it into electricity.
The installation cost is high nowadays. But the electricity that it can offer is totally free of charge.

what are solar panels made of?

The composition of the solar cells vary in accordance to the applications and the purpose. There are some factors that you should consider on choosing the appropriate materials needed for solar panels.
Here are significant and primary components needed to create a solar panel:

what materials are solar panels made of
  • Panel Housing Structures - The house or the frame serves as the support and the body of the device. The size of the panel housing structures may vary in accordance to the size of the device.
  • Crystalline Silicon Panels - It is a material that used for the solar cells and it is typically made from silicon. It can maximize the potential of the solar panel to absorb and harness energy from the sun.
  • Thin Film Panels - A solar panel is also made of from a thin film panels. It is also usually made from a copper or silicon. The thin film panels can definitely optimize the performance and function of the solar panels.

what do solar panels do?

In general, many people need the use of energy so that they can work well and enable many industries around the world continually obtain milestone achievements.
The solar panels can relatively be the best tool and device that many people can use to preserve the energy sources. Many residential and commercial establishments can use the solar panels as an effective alternative energy sources.

Functions and advantages of using solar panels are listed below:

  • The Solar panels can transform solar energy into an electrical energy. Using the energy and the electricity from the solar panel can definitely help many people to conserve electricity. It can also help you save money because you can use electricity without spending too much money for your electric bills.
  • Using solar panels, you are able to protect the environment and the natural energy sources. Solar panels can be one of the best ways that many people can do to protect and conserve the natural energy resources.

Different Types of Solar Panels

Many manufacturers are now continually creating research and production to make their own solar panel as the best solar panel available for the people. Here are some of the different types of solar panels available in the market:

Monochrystalline Modules

Monochrystalline Modules
The Monochrystalline is one of the types.This solar panel is made from one crystal cut. The large and single crystal of this type is extremely rare and the process to make the make the cell crystallized is very expensive and difficult to produce. The process of making Monochrystalline Modules is the most famous technology used in Australia. It is the most efficient type of solar panels because once the sunlight hits the solar panel it can easily transform the sunlight into an electrical energy. It also contains high content of Silicon that is why this solar panel types is very expensive. This type is very ideal to put and install in the roof of the establishment.

The Polycrystalline Silicon

The Polycrystalline Silicon
This type of solar panel is a less expensive solar panel because it contains less silicon content unlike the Monocrystalline Solar panel. This solar panel is also good to use because even though this type of solar panel does not contain too much Silicon, an excellent overall construction of this solar panel can definitely enhance the efficiency of this solar panel.

Solar Hot Water

It is another solar panel type that does not work to produce electrical energy. The purpose of this panel is to produce hot water in the tank. This panel is ideal for many companies that wanted to obtain supply of hot water. Sometimes, this panel can also to produce air conditioning and heat too.

how much do solar panel cost?

The cost of the solar panel depends upon its size in terms of watts. The physical appearance, brand, material quality and expected lifespan should be considered. The size of the panel should be appropriate in order to have government rebates. It is simply a matter of cost vs. value.
A typical single solar panel cost may cost ranges from $900 up to $15000. The medium size of solar panel may cost from $20,000 up to $60,000.
The cost of a solar panel may sounds expensive but if you will observe carefully, using the solar panel can relatively help you to lower your electric bills in a long run.

Compare Solar Panels Brands

Since there are lots of solar panels available, you should be wise on getting the best solar panels. You must compare it in terms of:

  • Focus on its efficiency: The durability and the performance of the solar panel are very important so that you will not waste your money on buying low quality unit. An ideal solar panel can generate more than the wattage written on its template. This will happen if the panel has a positive tolerance rating.
  • The cost of the solar unit: Compare the solar panels in accordance to its cost. Choose a solar panel that you can afford and suitable for your needs and purposes.

Here are some of the Best Solar Panel Companies in Australia

  • Todae Solar - The Todae Solar Panel is one of the leading brands of solar panels in Australia. The brand can offer to different design of solar panels that may suit to your needs and wants.
  • BP Solar - The BP Solar Panels is indeed a very high quality and effective solar panels that you can use for your commercial and residential application. It can also provide you 25 years warranty period.
  • Sharp Solar Panels - The Sharp Solar Panels is also a very effective and durable solar panels. The manufacturer is indeed a very reliable and trusted brand that provides different electrical power requirements.
  • SunPower - It is designed to provide business large scale and domestic applications of solar panel. This solar panel module can relatively help many people to obtain grid connect installations of the unit.
  • SunTech Power - To have a SunTech Solar Panels can relatively help you to save energy consumption. The brand is a reliable and trusted electrical power equipments provider.
  • PowerFilm Flexible Solar - The PowerFilm Solar Panels can provide you flexible solar panels equipment and unit for you.
  • Solar Charge - Solar charge has its pioneering work in Australia for installing the first solar power system at Melbourne in the year 1998. It was the common type of solar panel which attracted other home owners to have their own solar panels.
  • Solar Power Australia - Solar power Australia is the Australia trusted solar marketer and is the first largest online store for renewable energy products. Aside from the online services they also offer custom design solutions for a variety of renewable energy applications and the like.
  • SILEX Solar - It has been Australia only large scale commercial manufacturer of photo voltaic panels and solar cells. Australia one of the best solar panel manufacturer that delivers a world class product at an affordable price for both private and public domains.